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Brow Tattoo Info

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Powder Brow Information 
So, you’re looking into getting your brows tattooed, and I can guess your probably sick of filling them in everyday! Giving this information a good read will help you understand what you’re receiving at Lust Beauty Bar. The next step closer to fabulous, smudge proof looking brows!

To start, there are quite a few different techniques floating around that you might of heard of. You can get feathering also known as Microblading, combination brows also know as strokes and shading or the ultimate technique called a powder brow.

Let’s start with Feathering…

Feathering is using a hand tool (Microblading) to mimic hair strokes. Basically cutting incisions into the brow skin and implementing pigment to look like real hair. Sounds great hey? Also sounds more ‘natural’ as well! But really think about what this can be doing long term to the skin. 

So let’s say you cut your hand, and then you keep cutting the same cut every year on average, this starts to create scar tissue. And we all know that nobody wants scarring skin across their eyebrows. Now let’s start to talk about the healed results with feathering. When the “strokes” are first done, they can look amazing. Nice and crisp to look like eyebrow hair, but until that heals completely in 5-6 weeks time, all the strokes blur when the pigment pushes its way back to the surface and merge into a “messy” powder brow. Also if your strokes heal really crisp the first time, 99% of the time the individual stroke itself won’t heal perfect and will stay “dotty” or “patchy”.

On older women especially 99.5% of the time the strokes will definitely blur into each other. And on younger women if they don’t, you’ll find your eyebrows look patchy because of the gap of skin between each stroke. So at the end of the day you will find you’ll still be filling them in with makeup powder or they will turn quite messy.

Now let’s get into a combination brow (strokes & shading) or strokes at the start of the brow blending into shading. For starters, once you apply strokes into the skin, and then add shading behind the strokes, once healed again it will all blend in leaving you with a “messy” powder brow look. If you’re looking into getting strokes at the start of the brow blending into a powder brow, you will find you will need to come in earlier than needed to touch up the front strokes before the rest of the powdered brow is actually due to be touched up, resulting in more costs for more frequent visits. And again cutting the strokes again, creating scar tissue.

Now for the best part, the powder brow. Because in any technique described, the product used is a pigment- not ink (not like a real tattoo), once healed everything softens by 50%. Using a digital machine with a fine needle to softly shade the brow area, defining the new shape or enhancing the eyebrow that is already there, this is the safest technique for long term clients wanting a natural look but without causing trauma to the skin. And perfect for any skin type or age! Each technique can result in this look but doing it in the wrong way. Powder brows heal nicer, last nicer and fade out nicer and better for the skin. This is why I only use this technique! Depending on the artist, this is where the look of the powder brow can stay looking like a “stamped eyebrow” or heal looking very natural. It’s all about shading the right areas and creating a beautiful natural looking brow. It is art. And every artist is different. 

You will have an in depth consult at your first appointment, you will know what to expect, how to look after your brows and you will see the drawing before we start anything.

And lastly, let’s talk about pigment. As mentioned before it’s not tattoo ink, it is designed to fade and get lighter as time goes on purely incase eyebrow phases change. 

When choosing to have your brows or lips tattooed, you will start with one session and have a retouch at 6 weeks time. It’s a two stage process, the retouch is really important to tweak anything we need to with the colour and shape as once it’s first done it settles quite a bit. Usually shrinking a bit after the first session hence why the retouch is important. Once the two appointments are complete, when the brows get faint but not gone, is when you should book your retouch. Generally about a year to 18 months from first session, depending on the skin type, colour and aftercare. Not bad to have your brows stay looking great and only needing to come roughly once a year? 

So I hope this info has helped you with your journey to finding the right artist for you! If you have any other questions, please feel free to send a message through Facebook or text!

Lust Beauty Bar X